vincent chomaz


1981born in Paris, France
1999-03studies of Quantum Physics, Université Paris XIII, Orsay, France
2003-06studies of History, Université Paris IX, Paris, France
2005-07worked as a journalist
2012-14co-founder & director EXPO, Berlin, Germany


2016The Spring Sessions, Amman, Jordan
2015Pala Fruits_The Laboratory, Plateau, Berlin, Germany
2015WOLO Artists Residency, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

interventions (selected)

2015Untitled (Ndiya Kuthanda), Cape Town, South Africa
2015Dissolution, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2014The Park, Fresia Garden, Cuneo, Italy
2014Geographies of the Places of Imagination, ZK/U, Berlin, Germany

2013Espace Minimum Vital (1), Alexanderstraße, Berlin, Germany

solo exhibitions

2014Je (Fragments), EXPO, Berlin, Germany

collaborative exhibitions & projects

2015Pala Fruits_Hierarchy of Perception, Plateau, Berlin, Germany

2014Voyeurs (14), To Be Removed from Public Gaze – Accidental Audiences, Unforseen
Performances, MPA-B, Ding Dong Dom, Berlin, Germany

group exhibitions (selected)

2016Ears From the Future, space formerly known as Makan, Amman, Jordan

2015What is the Sound of Protest?, Errant Bodies, Berlin, Germany
2015We'll Meet Again, Kunsthalle Athena, Athens, Greece
2015What We Deserve, Infecting the City, Cape Town, South Africa
2015Rojak, The Stage, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2014Memory and Place, Describing Architecture, Dublin, Ireland
2014Tomorrow: You have no events scheduled for tomorrow, Radiant, Plymouth, UK
2014Some Objects Perform Better Than Others, MPA-B, Ding Dong Dom, Berlin, Germany
2014États des lieux (2), Wherever I May Roam, João Cocteau, Berlin, Germany

2013MOLT! Speculative Identities, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
2013États des lieux (1), États des lieux, Maison Abandonnée [Villa Cameline], Nice, France
2013POGO: A Guerrilla Happening, Berlin, Germany

2012RAUMinbetrieb, RAUMinbetrieb, Halle (Saale), Germany
2012Al Bait, Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
2012Knock Knock (3), Helmut Kohl, Berlin, Germany

2011Diva (3), Filmkunst Fitzcarraldo, Berlin, Germany
2011Flink Festival, Lovelite, Berlin, Germany

curatorial projects (selected)

2014Voyeurs (14), To Be Removed from Public Gaze – Accidental Audiences, Unforseen
Performances, MPA-B, Ding Dong Dom, Berlin, Germany
2014Voyeurs (13), Finger, Claudia Kühn, MPA-B, Berlin, Germany
2014Voyeurs (9), All That Is Solid Melts into Air, Ian Deleón, MPA-B, Berlin, Germany
2014Voyeurs (8), I Am an Oasis, Natasha Mankowski, MPA-B, Berlin, Germany

2013Fall - A Movement Downward, Marisa Benjamim, EXPO, Berlin, Germany
2013Topografía del Alma, Beatriz Crespo, Teatro Calderón, Valladolid, Spain
2013Fleur Helluin, Preview Berlin Artfair 2013, Berlin Art Week 2013, Berlin, Germany
2013Voyeurs (5), The Moaning out of Synch, Maria Mitsopoulou, EXPO, Berlin, Germany
2013Voyeurs (4), Study, Frauke Frech, EXPO, Berlin, Germany
2013Voyeurs (3), Untitled, Lan Hungh, EXPO, Berlin, Germany
2013Anthropomorphic, Beatriz Crespo & Dom Garcia, EXPO, Berlin, Germany

2012Split Personality, group show, EXPO, Berlin, Germany
2012Voyeurs (2), SABIME, SABIME, EXPO, Berlin, Germany
2012Voyeurs (1), Cabinet Of Peep, Siouxzi Mernagh, EXPO, Berlin, Germany
2012Mein Gott! Es Glitzert!, Nika Fontaine, EXPO, Berlin, Germany

2011Diva (3), Filmkunst Fitzcarraldo, Berlin, Germany

2010Diva (2), Atelier Überall, Berlin, Germany

publications (selected)

2016Voyeurs, Ed. Vincent Chomaz & Zona Dynamic (in production)
2016Resonance, Ed. Vincent Chomaz (print, english)

2015Pala Fruits_Hierarchy of Perception, Ed. Zona Dynamic (print, english)

2013Beatriz Crespo - Topography of the Soul, Ed. Vincent Chomaz & Betriz Crespo (web, english)
2013Preview Berlin Art Fair 2013, Ed. Preview Berlin (print, english)
2013États des lieux (1), Ed. Stéphanie Busson, Vincent Chomaz & Sabine Jamme (print, french)