vincent chomaz

EXPO was co-founded in May 2012 with Sabine Jamme as a space for trans-disciplinary, artistic and curatorial experiments. It closed in January 2014.

exhibitions and events | exhaustive list

2014Je (Fragments), Vincent Chomaz

2013Headphones Concert (5), RB&2122012W, Geso
Fall - A Movement Downward, Marisa Benjamim
Preview Berlin 2013, Fleur Helluin
Reichstagsbrand 2.0, Graham Smith
Soldiers in a Box, Michael Miess
A Search for Home, Dorthe Slej Pedersen
Headphones Concert (4), De Morgen
48 Stunden, Unmöbeln
Brokers in Tears, Friederike Hammann
I 8 Vernissages, Sabine Jamme
Voyeurs (5), The Moaning out of Synch, Maria Mitsopoulou
Voyeurs (4), Study, Frauke Frech
Voyeurs (3), Untitled, Lan Hungh
Anthropomorphic, Beatriz Crespo and Dom Garcia

2012Split Personality, Alex Tennigkeit, Fleur Helluin, Kae and Sally M. Jaber
Tattoo Dictionary, Tero Juuti
Déluge - Saison 2, Antoine Hummel and Le Matin
Headphones Concert (3), Tatsumi Ryusui and Uozumi
Emotional Permaculture, Elisabeth Howland
Voyeurs (2), SABIME, Sabine Jamme and De Morgen
Headphones Concert (2), Wizard Ashdod
Kant Reloaded, Giovanni Casu
Headphones Concert (1), Chris Farmer
Voyeurs (1), Cabinet of Peep, Siouxzi Mernagh
Mein Gott! Es glitzert!, Nicolas Fontaine
How to Make Zombies and Robots with Human Rights, Heath Bunting
Breakfast on Mars, Françoise Desbois
Adam & Eve & Child, Sabine Jamme