vincent chomaz

VOYEURS | 2014 | 2012

Voyeurs is thought as a series of sporadic performances with a strong curatorial stance. The project was initiated in June 2012 with the first set of performances taking place in September 2012.

In Voyeurs, performers don’t act directly in front of the public. They are entrapped within the exhibiting apparatus, a closed white cube of 8m³ (2m by 2m by 2m) from which spectators are excluded.

The viewer is put in the position to think about his place in the viewing process. He is given the possibility to interact – peep, look – with the structure separating him from the performer or he can decide not to and surrender his ability to see, possibly letting his other senses take over his experience of the performance.

During the Month of Performance Art-Berlin 2014 (MPA-B), Voyeurs explored the accidental interactions that can arise from random encounters between the work and its possible audience; thus focusing on the public as the – or a – performer and the idea of the audience as a canvas for action and reaction.

performances | exhaustive list

2014To be removed from Public Gaze – Accidental Audiences, Unforseen Performances , MPA-B,
Ding Dong Dom - Das Theater der Zukunft, Berlin, Germany ³
2014Finger, Claudia Kühn, MPA-B, Berlin, Germany ³
2014Tired of Being a Woman, Anna Júlia Amaral, MPA-B, Berlin, Germany ³
2014Indigo, Anna Katharina Aichroth, Berlin, Germany ³
2014Trillenium, Constantin Engelmann & Elisa Storelli, Berlin, Germany ³
2014All That Is Solid Melts into Air, Ian Deleón, MPA-B, Berlin, Germany ³
2014I Am an Oasis, Natasha Mankowski, MPA-B, Berlin, Germany ³
2014Hachiles' Heel, Sara Wellenkamp, MPA-B, Berlin, Germany ³
2014My Name Is Sara Zaltash and I Am Looking for Sebastian Bechinger-English, Sara Zaltash,
MPA-B, Berlin, Germany ³

2013The Moaning out of Synch, Maria Mitsopoulou, EXPO, Berlin, Germany ²
2013Study, Frauke Frech, EXPO, Berlin, Germany ²
2013Untitled, Lan Hungh, EXPO, Berlin, Germany ²

2012SABIME, Sabine Jamme & De Morgen, EXPO, Berlin, Germany
2012Cabinet of Peep, Siouxzi Mernagh, EXPO, Berlin, Germany *

³ in collaboration with Zona Dynamic // ² in collaboration with Sabine Jamme & Vassiliki Vayenou // * in collaboration with Sabine Jamme