vincent chomaz


Geographies Of The Places Of Imagination explores the diverse forms a living space – a house or a home – can take in the fictions we see, but also create. The work is constructed as an oral inventory of some sort. It is an accumulation of biographical and fictional descriptions, and the mental projections – thoughts, comments, feelings and ideas – that arose from inhabiting a space, physically or fictionally.

Geographies Of The Places Of Imagination is the second text in the Geographies series.

Medium (Wooden box),headphones, player, audio
Dimensions Variable
Duration 13:10 min

Note: “L.” stands for left ear, and “R.” for right ear.

R. There is two coaches, and a small bedside lamp, shade as dirty and spotted as the rest of the apartment. Two wooden commodes sit there, in the way, awkwardly away from any walls, the TV is on, it sizzles and crackles. Music comes down from the hole in the ceiling.

L. + R. [music, low, not too loud, probably classical]

L. As far as I remember, all my heres have shared a similar pattern, a communality of shape. Most of my life, here has been square or cuboid, a more or less regular parallelepiped in form, with 90° corners and, though it might have taken other shapes, I have no recollection it ever did. I would like to image new ones.

R. This new room is shaped like nothing else I have ever seen before. There are not four walls here, but three, and as much as I can be certain without using a measuring-tape, the two longest walls, the blind ones, the ones without any apertures, seem to have the same length. I apparently live in an isosceles triangle. It is longer than larger; the entrance to my cell has been cut in what I think of as the “smallest wall”.