vincent chomaz

UNTITLED (I LOVE YOU) | 2013 | 2012

Two bodiless voices face each other and fill up an empty space. They repeat ad nauseam the same two sentences; if one says “I love you”, the other one answers “you love me”. Always.

But, if they sound perfectly alike, both voices can be perceived as two different entities. It is through a process of spatialization - by physically separating each side of the discourse and dedicating a loud-speaker per sentence - that the voices acquire an observed dissimilarity, their own and independent existence. They are two different beings but, at the same time, they are only one.

There is here an obvious and voluntary asymmetry, an ambiguity between dialogue and monologue; between what belongs to our inner space and to the public sphere.

Oscillating between an interactive and an autistic stance, Untitled (I love you) stages and questions the narcissistic components involved in such a fundamental social interaction as love, or liking. And, by doing so, it examines and interrogates the mechanisms of our relationships with others.

Medium Speakers, player, amplifier, assorted wires, wood, fabric, paint, audio
Dimensions Variable
Duration Constant